This is where it gets complicated…I’m finally here. I’ve trecked the tropics and metropolis of Southeast Asia – and now I’m here, in Israel. My first time, but diving deep. Here for a little bit, just observing, but for long enough to have regular coffee shops and supermarkets.

This is where it gets complicated, convoluted, dense, emotional…Politics crossing swords with identities, stories of oppression, stories of privilege, stories of genocide, stories of diasporas and moving bodies, and the whole world’s convoluted history of regrets, and mistakes after mistakes…Today, for me, it all cross swords here.

So far it’s been too much to digest. Too many polarized opinions, too many words, too many lectures, too much persuasion…and I have too many questions.

But truth be told, I’m in the eye of the hurricane, Ii total peace. I’m living in Tel Aviv, and only when I’m walking through the shuk or eating hummus do I remember I’m in the Middle East – and this is not at all like I imagined it, not at all how the media painted it. For many, many, complicated, reasons.

So, from now on, I will try a different strategy in my writing. I want to discuss, I want to learn, I want to hear opinions and stories. I want to be challenged and want to challenge. Make me uncomfortable, make me rethink and rewrite.

With every post I write, I want you (whoever and wherever you are) to question me, to tell me your point of view and to engage with me. I will try to ask a question at the end of each post (or I won’t), and if I don’t you ask me.


Let’s start throwing the frisbee at each other and see where it takes us.


(Picture taken at Frischman beach, in Tel Aviv)

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