Bangkok is the high tide. The big wave that tumbles you as you walk into the water. Bangkok reverberates with the rumble of motors, the crazed tourists, the tuk tuks. Never ending traffic line, and grey bridges that lift up the city two steps up.

Perhaps, this is all you seem find in Bangkok as you try to reach surface, but the water is stronger than you. And so, you’re forced into the chaos. And then, it’s no longer chaos. The real essence of Bangkok begins to shine through. You are still under the wave, but there is a moment of peace, of quiet, of unity.

This is the Bangkok I love. The city that teaches you that silence exists within the noise. The mother that teaches you patiently to appreciate contrast. Bangkok is the big wave you can’t fight against. It will resist you if you’re kicking to find air. But, if you let the wave take you, you are able to breathe again in the most unexpected and sacred of moments.



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