Boy and Dad


“Sometimes one waits too long for the perfect moment before snapping the picture. You never realize that all you needed was to change perspective.” – Ilustrado by Miguel


As my friends swam away from me, in a crystal clear lagoon eager to find rocks to climb and jump off, I floated. My brother, not too far away from me, did the same thing. Limestone mountains surrounded us, creating a universe in which only the clear water and the few people swimming existed. Every time I closed my eyes, and opened them again, I couldn’t quite believe it was a real experience. Something from Avatar or Star Wars, but not from this world, it seemed.

Since then I realized that we take the miles and borders too heavily. As if, they really separated one place from another. The fact is that humans are way too small, and only if we had legs long enough to walk the world we would. Yet, we decide to stay short and believe in the fictions of our life: the plans, the birthdays, the social gatherings, the traffic…Forgetting that our world, the one right here and now, not some afterlife or other universe, is palpitating. Beating fearlessly with a life so strong we can’t grasp it or contain within us. That is, if we decide to box our world and fictions into something as small as our own human, mortal life.

In Coron, surrounded by limestone, accompanied by a tiny fish who kept swimming around me…I knew that the span of my life and my human body  are small and insignificant. But there’s the heart, and the mind, and the letting go to be swayed by the currents of the water, by the grandeur of nature and the depth of the sky and ocean. To choose between my life, the “I”, or  the wordless life where you take that leap, and let the winds from beneath be the ones to make you fly.


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